north_carolinaNCRCAP has to goal to help rural communities in North Carolina to develop and increase quality of their own life. Workshops want to give to those communities all the tools and strategies needed to develop their own capacity to challenges problems like non-potable water consumption, wastewater management and having a safer house. They are practical guides to help community groups, small municipal governments and residents to understand various options in order to solve wastewater problems.

Some of the workshop held in the past have been:

RURAL WATER AND WASTEWATER PROJECTS: Getting to Success With Your Consulting Engineer, held in late 2007 in Greensboro (20th September), Asheville (10th October), Plymouth (30th October) and Kenansville (14th November). Goal of this workshop has been giving rural communities all the tools in order to manage small water systems.

Beyond the Pipe: Wastewater Management in Rural Areas, held on 22nd May 2007 in Vernon James Center, Plymouth, NC. This workshop has been about real demonstration of on-site wastewater technologies and investigated community options to manage waterwaters starting from their effectiveness without forget costs.

Naturally Occurring Contaminants and Water Resource Planning, help in 12th September 2006 in Stanly County Agri-Civic Center, Albemarle, NC. This workshop was a discussion about naturally contaminants in groundwater, such as arsenic. It also gives ideas about treatments and alternatives.

Protecting Your Drinking Water at its Source, held on 17th September 2005 in Greensboro, NC. This workshop has been about contamination threats to groundwater source, strategies for protection and success stories of collaborations between communities and local governments about source water protection.

Economic Development & Wastewater Management, held on 11th August 2005 in Pittsboro, NC. It was one of the first workshop at all introducing innovative wastewater strategies for rural communities, with case studies and task forces.