north_carolinaNCRCAP is one of the most active organization having the goal to help rural communities to increase their standard of life. Since 1987 it has helped more than 200 low-income communities to address water, wastewater and housing needs. More than $40 millions have been invested in those communities, which are present in more than 70 countries, to achieve those goals.

NCRCAP provides both technical and administrative assistance to those communities, with real help.

We can see three different programs which NCRCAP has developed since today: Community Programs,  Healthy Homes for All and Safe Housing Initiatives.

Community Programs want to help communities in the rural world, such as those living in the rural North Carolina, having a better life being capable to manage daily problems such as non-potable water conumption and wastewater disposal. This is done, among the other, giving help in forming legal entities, giving assistance for professionals and giving help to obtain loans or grants.

Healty Homes for All is a program which have the goal to increase the quality of domestic life both for adults and for children, helping them to recognize risks and addressing them, for example, about how to use pesticides in a safe manner. This is done by giving local rural communities the right informations about perils and risks.

Safe Housing Initiative has the goal to improve houses for all families in needs of that. Works are done by installing new door and windows, installing new and safest cooling system, reparing electrical hazards and pluming systems. All is done by thinking to safety first.