home-North-CarolinaNCRCAP is a nonprofit organization working across North Carolina since 1987. It’s main goal is to provide help and assistance for rural North Carolinians having full access to drinking water, wastewater management and safe houses, which sometimes can be difficult due to low incomes. At the end, the association would like to improve quality of live for people living in the rural area of this american country.

In order to achieve its goals, NCRCAP works on several fields of interests, like advocacy, technical and legal assistance, but also gives help in monitoring works on public health and environmental issues. NCRCAP would also like to improve and sustain equitable economic in rural North Carolina.

How it can reach all those goals? Specific programs and workshops are the way. About programs, NCRCAP develop three main programs:

  1. Community programs, which gives help to local communities in order to better understand risks about drinking non-potable water and using inadequate wastewater systems
  2. Healthy homes for all, which gives indications and tips to live in the house without any risk, both for adults and children
  3. Safe housing initiatives, which want to give help to transform houses of families in needs in more comfortable ones. I.E. installing a proper bathroom where missing.

Workshops provide rural communities of all the informations and tools needed in order to develop a way to properly manage water and wastewater, achieving a rural development goal. Those workshops have been created for privates, small municipal governments and community groups.

At the end, NCRCAP, North Carolina Rural Communities Assistance Project, has the goal to improve quality of life for small and rural communities in this american country, for a better future of today’s children.